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alice in chains
alice in chains dirt
alice in chains face lift
alice in chains sap
alice in chains unplugged
alien ant farm anthology
aperfect circle mer de noms
bad religion the new america
beck mellow gold
buckethead giant robot
buckethead monsters and robots
buckethead somewhere over the slaughter house
butthole surfers weird revolution
cake comfort eagle
david usher little songs
david usher morning orbit
days of the new
filter short bus
filter title of a record
foo fighters
foo fighters there is nothing left to lose
fugazi in on the kill taker
gob to late.. no friends
god lives underwater empty
godsmack awake
green day dookie
green day warning
halloween hootenanny
hole live through this
incubus morning view
kmfdm adios
kmfdm angst
korn fallow the leader
korn issues
led zepplin IV
led zepplin house of the holy
lost highway soundtrack
marily manson antichrist superstar
metallica master of puppets
ministry psalm69
ministry the land of rape and honey
misfits american psycho
misfits collection II
misfits evil live
misfits famous monsters
misfits live @ water street music hall
nine inch nails broken
nine inch nails closer to god
nine inch nails fixed
nine inch nails further down the spiral
nine inch nails pretty hate machine
nine inch nails the downward spiral
nine inch nails the fragile
nirvana bleach
nirvana demos and sessions
nirvana grunge is dead
nirvana in utero
nirvana incesticide
nirvana lithium
nirvana live from the muddy banks of the wishkah
nirvana nevermind
nirvana smells like teen spirit
nirvana unplugged in new york
nofx pump up the valium
rage against the machine
rage against the machine battle of los angeles
rage against the machine evil empire
rammstein mutter
rammstein sehnsucht
rancid and out come the wolves
scream 3 soundtrack
sex pistols kiss this
sex pistols live in trondheim 21st july 1977
skinny puppy last rights
slayer divine intervention
slayer reign in blood
slayer seasons in the abyss
slayer south of heaven
slayer undisputed attitude
slipknot iowa
smashing pumpkins mellon collie and the infinte sadness
stone temple pilots no 4
stone temple pilots tiny music
the arogant worms cheese fromage
the cure blood flowers
the doors
the doors la woman
the flaming lips transmissions from the satellite heart
the snipes
the tea party [triptych]
throttle floggin' noggin'
weezer the green album
white zombie astro creep 2000
white zombie la sexorcisto
wild herb's
woodstock 94
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