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here are some files that i think might be of some interest to people, or mabe just to me and having them here keeps them pretty handy.
rc5 client - here is the dnetc rc5 client for x86 linux machines, so download it and get cracking.
debian-2.2r4-1.iso - the debian 2.2r4 iso image (you only need disk one unless you want xtras).
debian-2.2r4-2.iso - the second disc for debian 2.2r4 with some more packages and stuff.
debian-2.2r4-3.iso - the third disc for debian 2.2r4 with yet even more stuff.
albumlist.txt - this is a list of all my music albums.
psxlist.txt - yet another list this time for all my psx games.
desktop.png - a little look into my world, here is a screen shot of my desktop.
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