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here are some places that i like to check out on a somewhat regular cycle. they are sorted into two sections the first group being all the sites i like of diffrent topics, the next section being some of my friends pages. each of the two sections is sorta alpahbetically.
if you would like to be added to the friend section please get in contact with me one of the ways listed on the contact page. this link can also be found at the bottom of every page.
general and misc links; - for all the current atari related info you could ever need or want (have you played atari today?).
bitchx - my personal favorite irc client to use, and you can't go wrong with a name like bitchx.
blackbox - nice clean, small, but still very sexy little window manager for *nix os's.
canada computers - this is a local computer store i get most my stuff from.
debian gnu linux - this is my linux distro of choice and has been for a long time, apt-get into it.
debian planet - news, info, and alot more about in my mind the best linux distro around. - the equivalent to over 160000 PII 266Mhz computers. check out my rc5 teams stats here, and my personal rc5 stats here. - eris free network is the modern-day descendant of the original IRC network. - a free approach to cddbp. - keeps the largest online index of crossplatform applications (most are opensource).
google - well this is prob the most well known search engine now. i can remeber when it was just starting out.
kingston linux users group - a linux user group in my area.
linux documentatin project - howto's and more if you got a linux question check here first.
linux games - news about linux gaming from linux only to current ports.
linux hardware database - great place to get infor on linux supported hardware and drivers needed for getting it to work.
linux journal - my current fav linux magazine to pick up.
mail slave - this is a link to a personal login that is for my linuxslut mail.
opera - a great little web browser that is avail for pretty much every os around.
the register - lots of news posted every day and told the way it should be.
friends pages;
tragedy - this is my girl friends homepage.
eccentric - my web host and a great linux guru that i would not be where i am with out his help.
iniquity - don't see him much but we use to talk on irc.
matt allen - a friend through others and i think a friend of mine.
mistique's home page - another friend that i talk to online alot online.
monkeyboy - someone i never see much now.
shaggy's damnpage! - a friend i have know for a really long time offline and now talk more to online (damn work).
shannyns page - don't see her much but talk on irc from time to time.
throttle - a few friends i have that are in a band, if you are in the area check them out.
gothmog - a cool guy i know form irc.
greg nacu - a friend i have that is into vintage computer systems.
deceptor - a fellow atari fan that i talk to on irc all the time.
xknight - someone that just happend to come into #linuxsluts and stay.
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