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alright well this is my linux notes section of the page, some of this really will mean nothing to people other than me. as it is just stuff that i have stuck on post notes around my computers and post here when i get to many of them. but here it is incase it does help someone out.
a quick easy way to remove users.
then check the file "/etc/passwd" to make sure there user does not show in this file anywhere
rm -r /home/
installing a usb flashcard reader.
to add the usb flash card reader and set it up you will need to recompile your kernel to have the usbcore, fat, and vfat modules. that is about all there is to it and to make it easy to mount add the fallowing to your /etc/fstab.
/dev/sda1 /flashcard auto defaults,user,noauto 0 0
sugessted reading for this; kodak digi cam howto
how to make a image of the disc.
cdrdao read-cd --read-raw --datafile [filename.bin] --device [bus,id,lun] --driver generic-mmc-raw [filename.toc]
[filename.bin] - The actual image file
[bus,id,lun] - The SCSI-address of the used device
[filename.toc] - The description file (Table Of Contents)
cdrdao read-cd --read-raw --datafile thps2.bin --device /dev/scd0 -- driver generic-mmc-raw thps2.toc
sugessted reading for this; cd writing howto
how to burn that image.
cdrdao write --eject --speed [num] --device [bus,id,lun] --driver generic-mmc [filename.toc]
cdrdao write --eject --speed 4 --device /dev/scd0 --driver generic-mmc thps2.toc
it is also good to note here that the toc works for a image you rip yourself but for most psx games and releases you get it is a cue, and you can just use the .cue in place of the .toc. but i know that if you use a .cue when you read the image yourself it will not work.
sugessted reading for this; cd writing howto
how to install your ide cdrw drive in linux.
alright this one took me a while to get working right but i have gotten it all going now.
step 1. recompile your kernel with out the ide cdrom module and add the scsi emu, also make sure you add scsi cdrom support and generic scsi support.
step 2. you will have to open up the file /etc/fstab and add the cdrw and if you have any other ide cdroms you will have to add them or change them because they will all now be seen as scsi devices.
i had to add these lines to my fstab, and remove all ide cdrom info.
/dev/scd0 /cdrw iso9660 defaults,ro,user,noauto 0 0
/dev/scd1 /cdrom iso9660 defaults,ro,user,noauto 0 0
after that all i had to do was make a dir off the root called /cdrw.
you can make it so all uses can use the cdrw by "chmod 777 /dev/scd0" or what ever device it is set to on your system.
sugessted reading for this; cd writing howto
installing a nic on my gateway system
on the gateway system i did a "modprobe 3c59x" because my nic uses the 3c59x module. then to config the internal ip to the card i did a "ifconfig eth1 netmask up", after that i setup the route table with a "route add -net netmask eth1".
then on the workstation i also setup the route table with a "rounte add default gw netmask metric 1". and that is all that you need to do. this is assuming that the nic for the internet is already setup in the gateway system.
sugessted reading for this; net howto
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