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[02.02.02] 5:23pm - looking forward to getting out tonight   np: tool, schism
well i have been awake for about 2 hours i guess and must have played the 21 questions game about 3 times now with my mom. i don't know what the reason for this is but it doesn't really matter i have just decided to use the answer "mabe" for all the questions. but i will be leaving to tradegy's soon as i do every weekend. the one thing i look for to every week is spending the weekend with tragedy "you and me have such wounderful times when were all by oursel'ves", hehe little play on some old greenday there. i will have to try and remeber to pick up some cdr's on the way home from tragedys in the morning as i only have 2 cdr's left in my current spindal. so tragedy if you are reading this remind me if you could and i forget. anyhow i should be getting ready to leave now.
[02.01.02] 4:53am - what a mess it has all been.   np: misfits, bullet
well it was a mess today going to work and even worse comming home. the roads where really ice'ed up and before leaving work i had to scrape off the windows for like 20min. my rc5 stats where not looking as well as i thought they should so i check all my systems to make sure it was running on them all and it was not running on the gateway (amd-k62 350Mhz) so that should pump up my stats a little more in the next day or 2. i didn't end up getting moved to the new spot at work yet although all my stuff is moved as i did that so i kinda had to move back and forth in the building today before i had all that i needed and stuff. kind of a pain but i guess that is expected for a move like this. i was told that all should be done and moved by monday so i really only have one more day of this to worry about it. got the wheel on my mouse working again also, i don't know why it was not because i was messing with it and couldn't get it and ended up putting it back the way i had it and it worked so that kinda confused me more than anything. really i don't care why it works now just as long as it works is the main thing. i am also quite impressed with mozilla and the only thing i want to see in the next version or figure out how to do if you can in the current is make all new windows open as tabs in the main navigator window, so if anyone knows how to do this let me know.
[01.31.02] 5:02am - i am still alive, don't forget about me.   np: buckethead, last train to bucketheadland
well i know i have not update the site in a long time but that was because i was having problems with my workstation and also i was installing a new gateway and moving the old gateway to be my file server. all that is done now for the most part still some final programs to install and get working right but all seems fine right now for the most part. i will still have to work on getting the my systems section of the page done as there is alot more stuff now for sure. other than that i have been working on other peoples systems for the most part (all of them have been windows based damn'it). but i can now live in my linux only world for a little longer now since they are not here now. i have also been using the opensource mozilla browser rather than opera as it is a debian package and i could just apt-get it, i am lazy that way. wow this might turn out to be a long news post yet. oh yah and one thing that i noticed is that the mouse overs don't seem to be working in alot of other browsers so i will see about getting them to work in all them if i get a chance this weekend.
work is going alright i am moving to another cubicle tomorrow i think and hope, it looks to be a pretty good spot. there is a nice new computer in that one but i am sure they will take it and give me my old one for in there. anyway i better be getting to sleep so i can mabe wake up and see tragedy before work tomorrow. speaking of tragedy though i updated her url in the links section of the page as she has a new domain now. heh this is going to be a run on but that just reminded me of a good point i have gotten alot more hits in this past month with less updates than when i was updating almost everyday. does this mean you people want the samething everyday, you want me to make something to create a small stable part to your life?
[01.15.02] 5:13am - i need to water the plants i think.   np: buckethead, somwhere over the slaughterhouse
well a crappy nite at works with some great news at home here.. sorta... just two days after i recompile my kernel to be current a new one is released so now i have to decied if i want to do it again or just stick with what i have. mabe i will give it a little and wait i still have to recompile the new nvidia drivers. well i think i will try and sleep i don't think i will be able to right away but i will try and see if i can get up at lunch so i have some time to get stuff done before work. i might post something else here when i get up if i feel like it. i would like to also thank someone (you know who you are) for a nice email cheered me up a little and that is about all i could as for so you did good there. good nite to all the people of the free world mabe one day i will join you again.
[01.14.02] 11:35am - up by 2 and still down by 9.   np: system of a down, p.l.u.c.k.
well there seems to be a little action going on in the systems section i have added all the info about my workstation (workbitch). i still have to do the other systems but i will wait until i am done working in them as i am going to be taking my other system that is a gateway right now and replacing it with another system to be the gateway, then use the old gateway for nothing but rc5, and then add another system to the mix that will work for a backup to all my systems so i can back up data and drive images to it.
well today is going kinda slow seen i just got home from tragedy's about half an hour ago. started to do some landry and am chilling to some system of a down. i have to dig around for a network card for tragedy as her gateways second nic died on her. i am sure i have a nice old 3com card around here somewhere. i also noticed this morning that at tragedy's netscape does not do the mouse overs right at all because it does not support java. well that is to damn bad for netscape users i am sure there is a java plug in you can install to get it but it is not that big a deal, but i have made alt tags on all the images so it shouldn't matter much to them anyway.
well that was a hell of alot for what i do most the time for my news posts, but i think i am done rambling now.. mabe not but i will go do it on irc and help my top ten in #linuxsluts.
[01.13.02] 4:58pm - middle of it all.   np: bob marley, no woman no cry
alright well i had a great nite last nite, and ended up getting the light changed and fixed in the car. i also install a few desktop stat monitor for my desktop (check out the screen shot in the files section). they are from top to bottom a cpu load, memory and swap, and network monitor. i like them so far but i am sure the fun will die with them and i will just for get about them next time i restart x. the cpu load monitor is kinda handy though so i can tell that i have rc5 running or not. well other than that not alot to report for now i will mabe post something tomorrw before i goto work. my shift was changed from 10pm - 7am to 7pm - 4am. i don't really know how i feel about this yet but if i don't like it i am sure you will read my rants about that in here.
[01.12.02] 1:52pm - and the workers go home!   np: chatholic school girls, wah! my pussy hurts
well the work on the page it done as i am sure you can tell i have been working on a new layout. make sure if you care to see what i have been up to you read the past news, as i kept posting news posts on this site as i worked on the page rather than update the old one. well not alot to say that was not said below this about the page. hope that it works alright for everyone fine.
[01.10.02] 7:01pm - and work continues!   np: nirvana, in bloom
well i am still working on this so i have not been updating the old site that is online now. mabe some of you will read this when i get it up and figure out why the updates on the current site have been so far apart.
[01.09.02] 9:43am - lets start up a revolution!   np: rammstein, mutter
alright the page falls back on some simpler times right now as i start work on this new and quicker to update layout. it is still just my homepage but i want it to have alot more content so a simpler layout will make this alot easier to update and add to. which is very important seen how with work and tragedy (my gf not a life threating thing) i don't really have alot of time to mess around with a really cool layout anymore. the main thing i have done is move stuff to seperate pages. i never was a fan of this but it has to be done it was to much a pain to have to cut and paste stuff around ever time i did a update.
well i will be adding alot here and try to update as much as i was with the other site (once every day or two), so check back often if you have the time. oh and one last thing i decided not to keep the past news from the old site as it wasn't formated the same and didn't want to reformat it all again just to stick in some past news section that no one ever looks at.
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