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[12.27.01] - xmas has come and gone.
well xmas has come and gone very fast, but i must say it was not that bad at all. didn't really feel all that xmas'ie but it was still nice none the less. got some cool stuff from everyone and i had 2 dinners. one here at home with my family and one at cursedrages parents. both where very good and i felt stuffed after them both. updated the album list again, seems to be the most updated thing other than news right now. i am still working on getting the linuxs notes section a little better.
[12.24.01] - merry pre xmas to all.
well it is that time of year again, and it seems that it has just sneaked up on me. all my shopping was done a while back so it is not really that. this year hasn't really felt very xmas like to me. i don't really know why lack of snow, to much rain, over working, my somewhat depressed mood. who knows all i know that it has not been a super great feeling in the air (no more that usal anyway). i really should not be writing this as i should be resting for the long night of work tonight. it will be odd comming home from work to everyone else already here for xmas. but i am not really missing much as we don't do anything big for xmas, and the money will be good i could always use some more cash. spent alot more on xmas stuff than i thought i would but it is all good it didn't get way out of hand. anyhow i am off to chat on irc for a little and then off to sleep i think. mabe i will try and post something tomorrow if i can stay awake and find the time.
[12.19.01] - new section added.
alright i added one of the new sections that i wanted to add, and that one would be the desktop gallery. you can check it out from the my desktops links on the side menu. still going to do the linux notes section again but i don't have time right now. hope you all enjoy the site and if you have not signed the guestbook yet please do. i am also thinking about adding a now playing section to the news post here but i want to check with shaggy as i got the idea from his damnpage (link is under the friends section).
[12.18.01] - and the world is reborn.
to rebuild something sometimes you must destroy. in the process people can get hurt and never come back. but still change is needed even if not always good, it is what drives us and makes us go on. still in the same though it can end us. one can not always jump the flames with out getting burnt. from the ashes can bring new life or sometimes nothing, but this takes time to find out so we must wait.
added david usher little songs, foo fighters, and kmfdm angst to my album list. still want to change up the linux notes section and make a desktop image archive of my past desktops, but right now it is time to sleep so i will look into that later. oh and before i for get thanks to some people at work for finding my lighter.
[12.17.01] - a great weekend.
this is the end of a great weekend for me, i can't complain about a thing. other than lossing my lighter at a bar yesterday. i am not 100% sure it is lost though, there where alot of people there with me from work so i think that if one of them saw it they would know it was mine and pick it up for me i am sure. so i guess i can just hope one of them did see it. what else is there oh yah cursedrage made a very yummy dinner for me on the sat nite after the movies. i think that cursedrage and i went out more this weekend than we have in most weeks total. but i better get to sleep so that i can wake up and go see cursedrage before i goto work tonight. i will try and work on getting the linux notes section a little more indepth with some suggested reading and stuff from the linux doc project, but that will not be done for a few days i am sure. oh yah and i am sure i will be adding some stuff to my album list tomorrow sometime.
[12.15.01] - home again from work.
well tonight i think should be great i am going to a movie with cursedrage for our aniversery. wow and i can't spell good at all today (need some sleep i think). before i forget i should say that i have changed the desktop image. i made the background myself in the gimp. other than that and work i have not really done to much of anything, did manage to get most or me xmas shopping out of the way so that is a plus. well i think i should be getting that much needed sleep. mabe this weekend i will try and do a better update like i don't know add something a little more than a new desktop image. mabe i will make a little section with all my desktops current and past.
[12.10.01] - not much really.
well i added a guest book to the site so someone use it. also updated the album list with the albums rammstein mutter, skinny puppy last rights, and cake comfort eagle. i have also updated my desktop screen shot. i will prob go back to the old one later but i have to get the theme working in the newest version of blackbox.
[12.4.01] - i forced my self to update this.
well it has been a little while since i did a update on here, so i made my self update the album list. added some great albums to my collection (led zepplin house of the holy, nirvana demos and sessions, the doors, the doors la woman, buckethead somewhere over the slaughter house, marilyn manson antichrist superstar, beck mellow gold, incubus morning view, and weezer the green album). other than that really not alot has happened to the page. but i will try and update the page a little sooner next time.
[11.28.01] - interesting it is i say.
well last night at work sure was interesting and crapy at the very sametime. crappy in the fact that they system kept going down again and again and again. and interesting the the fact that we had a very nice long long long talk with someone we had not seen in a long while. other than that i have not really done much of anything. i feel that i could use some really good sleep and that will come after i finish this news post. some people at work said that the page was not working but i know for a fact that it is and was the whole time last nite. getting alot of hits with this domain name from what i can tell so far for not being on any seach engines as of yet. i also have to update the screen shot of my desktop as that one is quite old now. i really like that theme that i made in that screen shot but it is not working with the newest version of blackbox so i will have to either make a new one dowload one or just fix that one to work. i will see about that this weekend i am sure. anyhow i am off to sleep before i pass out i have to get up early and do some stuff before work tonight so i better get going for sure.
[11.27.01] - some work is needed.
well i up'ed the resolution of my desktop because of the new monitor and i must say i don't think i like the page as much now. i might just have to change some font sizes as my desktop is now 1280x1024. that is all for now i will see what i end up doing with the layout.
[11.26.01] - god i am up early.
well i had a great night last nite hanging with cursedrage, but i left early on the account i had to get up early today for an appointment. i can't belive i am actually up at this time. usally if i try to get up this early i just keep hiting the snoze button for like a hour or more. anyhow i have to get all ready for the day and then come home and sleep again before i have to go back to work tonight.
[11.25.01] - uploaded before its time.
well i just couldn't wait to get this page up any longer, so i added the linux sluts that i had already and will add the others as they come in. i also didn't get the systems section all done, but i will finish that when i get time. what else.. oh yah thanks to my host for hosting this. i ended up getting a new monitor to, it isn't a lcd or anything but it is pretty damn nice it is a viewsonic E70f.
[11.23.01] - almost complete.
well got home from work early this morning and while i was waiting for people to wake up to chat to i did a little work on the site. really all that i did was add the first 2 sluts to the linuxslut section of the page. i am still waiting for everyone else to send me there picture. well mabe someone will be up now to talk to so i will go and check out irc.
[11.21.01] - lots to report.
like the title of the news posts states there is alot to report for this one. first off i will start with ummm.. the good news. the good news would be that i borrowed eccentrics digital camera and am really thinking about buying it as i seem to be injoying it, i still have to get batteries so i have just been using the power supply. i think that having batteries would make me injoy that damn thing even more. i also must say that it wasn't that hard to install the flashcard craddle in linux either (with a little help from eccentric that is). the second thinking and this being one of the bad things is that my good old trusty tvm monitor bit the big one yester day. one of the wires is shorted and everything has a horrible horrible purple tint to it. i could take it all apart and put a new cable on it clean it all up and get it going again i am sure... but i have my eye on either a big monitor like a 19 inch or mabe even a nice 15" lcd flat pannel. i plan to go out this weekend with cursdrage and look at some and see what i think it is that i want. hrm.. there was one other thing that i wanted to say but just can't seem to think of it right now. anyway back to the monitor i dug out a old 14" samsung that is running in 16 million colors with a resolution of 800x600 ewwww. but it works and that is all that matters, just to keep me going till this weekend. it also gives me a chance to see my page under other resolutions and that thought to.
[11.19.01] - drunken movie nite is over.
well with the weekend come the end of one of the best drunken movie nites. we actually watched 2 whole movies and a bunch of tv, so that was kinda diffrent that usal. hrm what else is there to say. i would also like the thank you know who for a great chat about stuff, i really liked that chat and thought that good came from it (that prob dosn't make any sense). in other news i have borrowed my friends diggy cam that he is selling to see if i want to get it for myself, so far the diggy looks great but i just can't seem to get the flash reader to work right under linux (can't say i have been working at it hard though). well i best get back to irc as i see my name on there a bunch.
[11.12.01] - it kinda falls into place.
well i am still working on this new layout and page. the layout is done and the page has no errors at all. really all that is taking time now is the damn lists that i want to update like the psxlist, atarilist, and albumlist. oh and the linuxsluts section is not started as i have to get all the images first. what else is there still to do yep the systems specs i guess is the last thing that still needs to be done but i might do that before the linuxsluts section as i know what i have and don't have to wait for people to get back to me with info and pick for that. any how i best get to sleep as i have to work tonight at 10 to 7am as usal. but on the plus side if i get up in time i can go hang out with cursdrage before i have to goto work.
[11.08.01] - a little more work.
did a little more work to the page and got a kick ass title banner done in the gimp today (well i think it is anyhow). i have stuck with my beloved light gray colors. i think the page is starting to take a little bit more shape now and still have alot to do on it but am getting there. anyhow i have set a date of sunday for this all to be done.
[11.06.01] - a new page is born.
alright well i am sure most the people visting this page know me and therefore are woundering what happened to [hurt].'s homepage. well i reg'ed this domain name, and have started work on a new page layout that is not to much diffrent than the old homepage but a little more added to it. with work and all i am not moving to fast on this but it will be done soon enough. well what else is there to say other than that not alot has been going on really.
[10.15.01] - dreams can die too.
well the sega dreamcast has droped in price even more now that sega will not be making anymore games at all for it. this means that i might actually get one. i have my psx and would still play it, but a dream cast would be fun to mess with also. there is alot going on with it now that sega doesn't want it like emulation and alot of neet stuff like that. check out these to get a idea what i am talking about dc emulation, dc programming, dc tech pages, dc ide-hd, boob!. well i am thinking about getting one anyhow and it is alot cheaper than the ps2 which i was also thinking of getting, but i don't have enough time to get the value of play from the ps2. mabe it will drop in price when the crappy xbox and gamecube come out. anyhow that is enough for now i will try and get back into posting on here more (now that i have ip masq working i can upload the files from my workstation again).
[10.10.01] - double 10's is that bad or good?
well i went in town today after i got home from work to get something to wear to a wedding, and no it is not my wedding. other than that i have not really been doing all that much, just getting ready for a lan party with a bunch of friends. the lan party is going to be sweet as it is on the sweet day (cursdrages calander says the 20th is the sweet day).
[10.07.01] - linux, bsd, hookers, and whores oh my!
hrm.. not alot to say right now, i am prob going to get at installing openbsd later today. but i have to wait for shaggy to get up as he has my cds. well i guess i should get at some landry and stuff while i wait then.
[10.04.01] - well i did it now.
well just thought i would cut some of the old links that i do not check all that often now out of the links section. i am still thinking about adding a file section again, i just need to find some cool stuff to put there and i will do it. i am also trying to come up with a way to make it on this page so that i can still keep the one page layout. one page just makes updates so much nicer.
[10.03.01] - the rev is complete.
alright well once again i had a rev there that didn't last very long and it has been replaced by this one. i like the lay out of this one alot better, even though i am sure most people can not even tell the diffrence between the two. i didn't really use much of the old code for the page as i wanted to clean it up and it was better to just start over again. think over the next week i will remove some of the links that i don't goto all that much now. mabe even add a file section to the site again, don't know what for but mabe. i am also thinking of getting my own domain name so email me some ideas people.
[10.03.01] - birthdays come and go.
well yesterday was my bday, and it was not all that bad at all. at work i had cake, so that was pretty cool. i got to see cursdrage also which was very nice. got alot of cool stuff from cursdrage for my bday also and everyone else gave me money which was also nice. my sister got me stuff to, so i guess i got alot of stuff total. mabe some day i will tell what stuff i all got from everyone, but right now i am sleepie and don't feel like typing any more just chating on irc i think. oh and i said i would post the link to my desktop image from a little while back for someone at work so here it is.
[09.25.01] - it is morning and here is sit.
well i just got home from work not to long ago, and it was a pretty busy nite for the most part. nice for a change i guess.. i kinda like have time left over though at the end of the nite to just sit and listen to some music or think/ write. i have been doing quite alot of writing over the past few days, and no i don't think i will post it.. well not yet anyhow. other than that i noticed that distributed is not updating the rc5 stats again, someone must have broken it again. the sad thing is i was really looking to checking the stats as thanks to cursedrage i have more cpu power chuging away at it.
oh i guess now would be as good a time as any to talk about my new computer system that i got. first off it is a amd anthalon 1.4GHz with a dragon orb3 cooling fan, stuck on a abit ag7-raid mainboard, with 256Mb of ddr ram. the drive is a 10Gig westerdigital hdd, for video it has a abit geforce2 MX with 64Mb mem and tv in and out, for power i got a 350watt enermax dual fan power supply, and then i put all that in a nice shine aluminum lianli case. oh and i used my old cdrw and 3com nic in it. wow well that took a while to type out and think of. i am sure being that i was working all nite and just got home there is something i am for getting to put in there.
anyhow i think that should do it for that news post, i guess i will have to move some old news posts to the past news section to make room on the page for all of this.
[09.24.01] - added the contact section.
well it was brought to my attention that i had forgotten to add a contact section to the page. that has been done now, so everyone can contact me.
[09.23.01] - alright the new banner is a old banner.
i messed around for a few min in the gimp and couldn't come up with anything that i liked so i decided to use one of my old banners that at the time i used it i got alot of comments from people saying that they liked that one, i don't know why because it really is a faily plain banner but all is well, and that will be the banner for this rev. i did a little editing so that the banner was not as birght as it was, becuase the new rev kinda has a non bright sorta look so it needed a little work.
[09.22.01] - if only every day could be as good as saturday nite.
it has been quite sometime since i did a update to the site, so i kinda redid the layout a little. you may have noticed that i took alot of stuff away and added some new links to the site. the banner at the top kinda sucks but it should just be a temp one until i get this page rev all done. well what else is there that i can say, oh yah i got a new system and i will post some more about that later when i have more time and feel like writing. work is going alright i guess and i just had a really great weekend.
[09.05.01] - a new day is upon us.
well i think that i will have to come up with a new lay out but i don't think i will have much time, mabe i will see what i can come up with quick and see if i like it at all and then work on it a little over the next few days. i am sure what ever it is it will remain simple and easy to update as i do not have time to have to sort through alot to update stuff.
[08.29.01] - just a little but not alot.
alright well nothing new to add to the site and i am still working on getting the new atari list and psx list updated. i have been pretty busy with work and have been moved to a ftp activations team where we do all our work via ftp which is pretty cool. i like it alot better there and i am on a team filled with great people. what else can i say, not alot i guess that is about all there is going on right now. oh yah and sorry for being in a crappy mood all the time and it is not your fault (you know who you are), i just have stuff i have to sort out right now.
[08.22.01] - get out of my head.
well just a little up day, so little that i am sure you don't even notice what i changed. not really much going on with me right now other than work.
[08.15.01] - well today is my day off.
that is right people to day is my day off, so i am going to try and see some people that i have not seen in a while and do some other stuff that i have to get done before i have to go back to work. as you may have noticed i moved some of the news to a past news section. i am still working on the new atari list (that will prob be a little longer than i had planed, i am making a template that i will post and then fill it out for myself and then people can use the same template for them selves also. anyway i should really get to doing some landry before i do anything.
[08.14.01] - its been so long, i thought i was dead.
hey yah everyone, i know that i have not done mush to the site in the past little while. this is due to the fact i have not done much in the past while other than work. i wanted to let everyone know that more will still be comming here and i am working on redo'ing my atari list from scratch, but that will prob take most of next week and mabe a little more and when i add it to the site i will be sure to update the psx list and do something about the news section size, i have to decide if i want to archive past news posts or just delete them from the site. anyway i have to get ready for work now.
[07.20.01] - better let you all know i still live.
well this is just to let everyone know that i am still alive and well, i have not really seen many people since i started to work but i will have saturday and sunday off. and that happens to be tomorrow and the next day. i will mabe try and do something new with the atari list this weekend if i get any free time to work on it. anyway i will think about that and let everyone know. btw i am also looking for the power supply to a atari 7800 prosystem if anyone has one, or knows where i might be able to find one.
[07.18.01] - updated the psx list.
well like the title for this post says i added 2 new games to my psx list. i would also like to say thanks to cursdrage for a good tip off about some great ataari stuff at one of the local thrift shops. i am now the owner of a 2600 vader, and a 7800 prosystem. anyway i have to be back at work in about 2 hours so i better get a move on.
[07.17.01] - just got home from work.
well i just got home from work and it is 3am so i don't think i will write to much here right now. but i will say that think i am working with a good group of people. i also have someone in my team that i knew from before as he use to work for a computer store that i got one of my systems from. in other news i would just like to say that i noticed a few errors on the page and they have been fixed.
i would also like to just say that i picked up what i thought was the newest monitor mag (a free local computer mag) but i guess from there site it is a few months old now. anyway there is a great article in the linux stuff section titled killer linux machines?. the article talks about smaller kernels and alot more i was very interested in the reading and think i might just have to dig out one of the old 386 systems stacked in my basement. anyway if you are into linux and older systems it is a great read.
[07.16.01] - finishing up a little on the site.  
alright well i just put some of the finishing things on the site and tested it a little to make sure all the links where good and that it passed w3c. all looks to be going good so i should be going to get reaady for my first day of training at startek. i am sure i will post something when i get home tonight after work at 3am.
[07.15.01] - new rev of the page & more.  
well here is the new rev of my page and alot of stuff to talk about first off i got a job working for startek, in there advanced tech support staff. i have also started to use a new window manager for x windows now called blackbox. there is not a bad thing i can say about that window manager, and i have also made a theme using a backdrop i found with a theme that i didn't like (other than the kick ass backdrop that is). you can check that out from the screen shot of my desktop.
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