life is made of memories because you think of memories and they drive you to make new memories.

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[07.21.02] 07:34am - what a long nite this has been.
np: ramones, animal boy.

after many hours of work the new layout is complete it is more a how much info can i fit on one page type layout though. the main thing that is new is the shoutbox, it is pretty damn cool i think and i am sure it could be hacked very easy to work as a simple blog script. i don't think i really need it to do that though since i just aliased a command to upload the news and stuff so i don't have to do anything other than type one command. that is all for now getting using that shoutbox and make my effort mean something hehe.

[07.21.02] 03:18am - puff the magic dragon
np: afroman, cause i got high.

just sitting here thinking about stuff that i might want to do to the page. oh before i forget i found this site that i thought was pretty damn funny skateboardnaked. now back to what i thought i would like to do to the site. i think that rather than bring the guestbook back i would just use this shoutbox. it is pretty neat i have seen it on a few sites now. i was also thinking of adding a section to the site about programs i think are really cool and i use alot. programs like bitchx, aim, gkrellm, gedit, xmms, and mozilla. also mabe bring back the linux help section but dress it up alot mabe. well i think that is all i have to say for this update.

[07.17.02] 08:53am - shut up down there!
np: kmfdm, anarchy.

got my new shift change all sorted out at work i start it today at 11:30am, kinda mixed feeling on it. but i am sure i will like it alot better than the other shift. what else is there to say.. oh i got some spikes for my shoes that are pretty neat. i guess that is all for now i will mabe post some more when i get home from work and let everyone know how the new shift went.

[07.12.02] 04:49am - fork or no folk im going in.
np: n/a at this time.

well just sitting here having a peaceful sit after work, which was not peaceful at all i might add. anyway it is good to be home. picked up some furnace filer for using in the vents on the new rackmount case for the gateway system. it looks to be the same quality as the filers on the lianli cases, so i figure it should work fine. still have yet to set that system all up. i just can never seem to find the time at all. i was going to add a few links to the links section, but i am to lazy to update all that so i will just paste them in here for now. osnews, and i also found the new blackbox homepage. also while i was on some other sites today just looking around the good old garbagescow called the internet i found this link to the dock app wherehouse. the last link there is great if you use x11.

[07.11.02] 05:51pm - the high performance of linux.
np: greenday, warning.

eccentric was just here to get some stuff, and he fixed my prob with bash not taking the alias i put in the .bashrc. that and he pulled up in his fly pimp ride (which i still say he needs to keep cleaner).

[07.08.02] 06:24pm - art is fun.
np: mason, my monkey.

went for a walk the other day with tragedy and took the digital camera out with me i got 3 cool pics i thought i would post up here in the news section. the first one is of the sky at night fall, the next one here if of a old farm house wall in the little woods near our. the next picture didn't turn out all that well but i managed to fix it up some what in the gimp, it is just some old metal stairs. the last image i decided to post is of tragey.
[07.07.02] 02:28pm - spoiled milk and shopping.
np: incubus, take em to your leader.

the lan party never happened as to many people had other things that they had to do, or just didn't feel like going. but i still went out to jays myself and we tryed to get his satilite internet working with no luck. but we did get his mirc setup right so he could now chat in #linuxsluts with us. planning to go visit my mom today with tragedy and then go pick up some food at the store after that. still have yet to setup the gateway, but i think i might do that tonight if tragedy can go with out the internet to night for a little while.

[07.05.02] 06:03pm - lonley days are made of these.
np: greenday fashion victim.

today i managed to fix up some of my army shorts, as they all where wearing out in the legs of them. but i just cut the sand flaps out of one of the arm pants and stiched it inside them where they where a little thin and bam just like new. have not really done much else, other than think about my computer setup and some of the little things i will have to get before i can rackmount another system. atleast to day was alot cooler than the past few have been, it was almost getting to the point of boil in here.

have to phone my friend jay soon so that we can talk about the lan party that will be going on tomorrow. seems alot of people that where going to come have droped out (all with good reasons though so i will not hold it against them).

[07.04.02] 02:50am - uberhacker.
np: the cardigans, erase / rewind.

well i came home from work early today as the orders where small and chated with n3tsnake in #linuxsluts for a while. try to sway him over to the way of the "kernel".

i did end up getting a rack mount case and my via eden board. it is pretty damn small that is for sure. still have yet to set it all and get linux installed on it, but when it cools down i will prob do that.

[07.03.02] 04:35pm - remeber you always have memories.
np: greenday, brain stew.

got some major work done on the site today, and even got it uploaded. i am thinking of breaking up the past news by month but i don't have time for that right now, and don't want to let something like the past hold back the now. it is another really hot day. to hot to work on setting up the new gateway that is for sure mabe i will try to do that this weekend, as i don't want to start it run into some prob with a module for the nic and have to goto work and then tragedy will be with out internet.

[07.03.02] 04:36am - imagine yourself as a gummybear.
np: the cardigans, starter.

started work today on a new layout, it is all done for the most part just have to clean up some of the past news sections and such like that. i should have it uploaded in the next few days.

[06.28.02] 05:12am - budist monks do not have chiefs.
np: bob marley, legalize it.


[06.26.02] 06:14am - i just had a thought.
np: ramones, i wanna be your boyfriend.

i just had a thought that i will mabe add a section to the site where i will keep a seperate journal for computer realted stuff, and then i will keep a long of my quest for the ultimate setup. well i should be going my mom is going to be comming over to see tragedy's and my place.

[06.26.02] 03:19am - my mind has been blown.
np: eve & gwen stanfani, let me blow your mind.

just cleaning up some of the links in the link section of the page not alot else really i wanted to do to the page today. i know i still have to create the dream cast list and update my album list alot. but i have to move the burner back to my workstation here, as it is in the old 350 right now.

[06.25.02] 03:03am - noise.
np: the cardigans, nasty sunny beam.

sitting here right now listen to some music and chatting on irc. i am going to sign up and start playing l33twars again as it seems to be something fun to do with some spare time. found out today that down stairs is going to be doing renovations and blasting and stuff all this week (which means me the day time sleeper might not have some good sleep this week.

[06.22.02] 05:34am - corporate whores.
np: black rebel motorcycle club, love burns.

well it has been done now... i just deleted my audiogalaxy client off my system, as they seem to have become a corporate whore like the rest of the mp3 sharing sites. took me a little to figure it out cause i would do a search and all the songs would be marked as offline. anyhow i will remove the link from my favorites also. i also picked up the new issue of the 2600 hacker 1/4'le. not to bad some intresting stuff in it on transaction based systems, and password crack. which reminds me the other day i was looking for a emag to start reading i will have to do a search and see if i can find something interesting. wow i just had a flash back to the days of phrack emag, that is one damn old hacking emag. i used to have all them on a disk, i wounder if i still have them. mabe i will get them all again and burn them on a cd. anyway i think i will hit the sack soon and get some much needed rest.

[06.21.02] 04:05pm - tea and chat.
np: the strokes, take it or leave it.

just a little update to the site as eccentric setup the stats for the page. well i don't think there is really much else to say... this sunday tragedy and i are going to my sisters to have dinner with my nanna, mom, my sister, and mabe her "guy friend".

[06.20.02] 03:37pm - weekend never come soon enough.
np: nickelback, never again.

found a place local to me that can get in the via eden boards or atleast the one model, so i plan to go see about getting them to order in one for a gateway. be pretty sweet in a 1u rackmount case for sure. in other news i didn't think i was getting any email but it was my mozilla email client was not fetching the main from the mail server for some reason, but it is all better now. also the date is set for the next lan party which should be a great time as they always are.

[06.17.02] 12:45am - dig a hole and climb in.
np: offspring, smash.

just thought i would do a little news post to say a job well done i knew you could do it and i am proud of you steph.
[06.13.02] 4:01pm - death is all around.
np: kmfdm, anarchy.

thought i would do a little work to the site today as it has been a few days since i did anything to it. main thing i did was update, clean, and add stuff to the links section of the page.

in other news i have been looking at the via eden embedded system platform. i think that would just be so damn cool cluster a few of them together and make for a very silent and fast gateway.

[06.11.02] 3:16am - a whole lot of nothing.
np: dead kennedys, i kill children.

just thought i would post a quick little news post and inform all that i found my dreamcast keyboard and mouse that i wanted. unreal tour. is great on the dc with the keyboard and mouse. i also tryed to boot up netbsd on it but it didn't seem to want to work right away and i didn't feel like putting anytime in on getting it to yesterday. i will keep you posted on my test and such with the dreamcast.

[06.08.02] 4:24am - wine is good for all.
np: disturded, down with the sickness.

well just sitting here having some wine while tragedy studies a little for her up comming test (best of luck love you). back to what i am doing... well i guess i am just sitting here not really doing much of anything at all. tragedy and i are going to play some dreamcast when she is done. i think we are going to play dead or alive 2. in other news i am thinking i should read the adventures of alice in wounderland again i read that book once before and it was all messed up, mabe i will have to see if i can find it again. the book is so much more wack'ier than the disney movie (leave it to disney to mess up a good thing). well i think i will go back to irc now and see if anyone is around.

[06.06.02] 4:24am - mmm goodness.
np: the cardigans, higher.

well i am just sitting here chillin for a little before i goto sleep for the day. listen to some nice mellow tunes right now, and waiting for n3tsnake to come home from work and jump in the chan and chat for a little. i really need to start working on some project cause i have not gotten up in the mornings to do anything just sleep and work. mabe i will try and think of something to start working on. hrm mabe.... i will start doing ascii again to start passing the time and being productive.<
[06.01.02] 4:27am - first of the month.
np: the cardigans, my favorite game.

well noithing to much went on today, got some more dreamcast games that is about it really. busy day tomorrow i am in for, going home to my moms to pick up some mail and vist then after that i am going to goto the bank and then tragedy and i are having a buch of old friends over for a party. been listen to the cardigans alot in the past little while cause they seem to have the right mood for when i get home at four in the morning.

[05.30.02] 11:13pm - killed 3 with one blow.
np: the strokes, alone together.

wow three news posts in one day that must be some kinda record. just home on lunch right now from work and i have to head back soon, but i did manage to help out tragedy with validating her page. i like it when things are all in check and validated. more people need to start valitading or atleast not be browser specific.

[05.30.02] 3:19pm - minor update.
np: ramones, i wanna be your boyfriend.

just thought i would do a quick little news update this morning while i eat the last of my banna muffins. still didn't get to doing the guestbook in the new layout yet but i will soon i am sure. what else or the dc list is done but i still have alot left to add to it that i have not burned yet so i will wait to upload it then. also if anyone knows where i could get a broadband adapter, keyboard, and mouse for the dreamcast local to me please email me.

[05.30.02] 12:26am - the page is completed.
np: the cardigans, paralyzed

got the page all done today and uploaded it but i don't have long to chat. some sections still need some work like the dc list is empty and the guest book still has the old layout but i will get to this when i have more time and feel up to it.

[05.27.02] 11:47am - several days in the making.
np: greenday, minority

several days in the making is this page (sounds like yoda). but it is close to be done i will explaine it some more when i am done work on it all together. well off to my mom i am have not been there for a while and my nanna is home again so i will see her too which i have not done for a long while.

[05.22.02] 5:12am - waiting for a no show.
np: greenday, geek stink breath

came home from work today and thought that i might see someone from work online. they said that they might be on but where not sure. well i guess they decided to play some crappy windows online game than talk with there old buddy [hurt]138 in channel linuxsluts. no big deal though just have a drink before i goto sleep and they i will have to head back to my moms in the morning to pick up some computer stuff i want (well actually another system). someone just logged into the channel that i have not seen in there before so mabe i will see what they are all about before i sleep.

[05.20.02] 3:23am - old but still damn cool.
np: ramnones, bop 'til you drop

today while i was out with tragedy getting some food and doing some washing at the landro-mat i decided to stop in the local electronics boutique. while i was there i picked up a used dreamcast system. it is great i am loving it just have to get some more games. i am sure once i get enough i will start a dc game list, much like my psx game list. after i got back from that i hung out with shaggy for a while then tragedy, shaggy and i played the dc for a little. then after shaggy left i have a big head ache so i layed down for a little. tragedy is sleeping right now but i was not tierd and my head ache is gone for the most part so i am talking to wilt on irc right now. mmmm nothing like a big glass of chocolate milk. later all my readers come back soon.

[05.17.02] 5:20am - this is where it all began.
np: kmfdm, d.i.y.

and so the week of hell is at an end... and it could not have ended on a more interesting friday of complete and utter hell. i didn't get home till later this morning cause i had to go for a ride and clear my head of some crap. enough about work though, this is my weekend so it is time to enjoy myself and that i am sure to do this weekend.

[05.15.02] 4:50am - what do i put here?
np: bob marley, is this love

after along time of working on a new layout i decided to go with one really close to the last few yet again as it seems to work the best. changed some stuff here and there and added a new title banner and such to the site. backed up the site too as i had not done that since the last rev of the page. what else oh yah i had a really kick ass day for rc5 yesterday over 5000 packages where completed by me making that my best day yet!

[05.12.02] 1:20am - find a place to call my own.
np: nirvana, drain you

sitting up with tragedy having a beer and we just watched the nirvana live tonight sold out video, what a great video. tomorrow is mothers day and i am going to go home again and setup the old p3 450 for my mom to use. got it done for the more part today just have to run the cable line so that she can have internet and then i will install the cdrom drive for here. tragedy and i took a bunch of pictures with her camera (not my digi cam so i can;t upload them). then after that we took them to get developed before we went and got some food and stuff for the week. oh and i got a new pair of sun glasses, they are closer to what i want but still not just right. i am sure i will find the ones that i want soon but they will do untill then. seems to have been a very slow day for irc chating for sure mabe it was just the times i was on but there was not any hardocre chatting going on today from what i can tell.

[05.10.02] 3:29pm - the land of milk and honey.
np: the doors, riders on the storm

didn't do anything much today but i did have eggs for breakfast which i have not done in a while. so that was a nice change. i am chatting in #linuxsluts right now and actually i just got off the phone with tragedy as she called to tell me she was on her way home. i still have to get ready for another day of work, but i might play a little chrono cross before i do that. i was going to rent another rpg this weekend but i think i might have to hold off until i finish chrono cross cause i don't want to just give up on it and i don't want to have 2 games going at the sametime, when i don't get to much time to play in a week on the one really.

[05.09.02] 5:04pm - raped of all that i had known.
np: the cure, bloodflowers

finished the section about my systems so check it out with the link in the pages and files section. that is it just thought i would up this to give all my readers a little screen candy (so i hope the two of you like it).

[05.09.02] 3:05pm - traped by a cause that i once understood.
np: mifsfits, we are 138

removed the link to as they have stoped work on that site now. it was not one of my fav sites really but i checked it out every day or so. finally got some good thps2 gaming in yesterday. i am also getting alot farther in chrono cross. i still have to get out to my moms to setup the old computer i am giving her, was going to do that today but i slept in and did actually say to her i would do it today so as with most things ended up putting it off for now. i will get to it for sure this weekend as i will be out there for mothers day. my emailing use has gone down alot since i moved in with tragedy cause we use to email each other alot but now we don't bother just leave a note on the whiteboard if need be. so mabe i will make a effort to start emailing people i don't get to talk to much a little more.

[05.08.02] 4:19am - another day of work comes to a end.

np: tragedy, sleeping (really she makes no sound but nothing is on)

well like the title of the post says another day of work comes to a end. it is kinda cold out and i felt the air comming out the back of the new system and i think it is running pretty hot but i am not to sure seems to be fine and kicking ass on rc5. might just be that my hands are cold from the outside and it just feels alot warmer than it actually is. anyhow i don't really have anything to say but thought i would do a little post just so i wouldn't break the roll i am on with all the frequent updates.

[05.07.02] 11:22pm - morning has come and i have risin.
np: the cure, bloodflowers

not really to much to talk about today as i have just gotten up but i have done alot for the amount that i have been up. i cleaned up the kitchen a little and fixed the toliet seat as it needed to be tightend up so that it wouldn't move around as much. did a little work to the systems section i want to add to the page but i have not finished that all up yet. last nite was a good nite seen how eccentric told me how to fix my problem with having to ssh to the gateway to get the ident for irc to work right. now that that works tragedy and i can just run bitchx from our workstations. also talked to shaggy for awhile online last nite before going to sleep. i think that the only thing that came from that conversation worth mentioning is that i might see about setting up a bot for #linuxsluts. right now i am pondering if i should play some chrono cross it has been a while since i have done that. oh and i started linking everything i could to in the news posts if you didn't already notice that.

[05.06.02] 11:22pm - moved!
np: the cure, watching me fall

the move went pretty good i am starting to get settled in and have all the stuff that i brought all in order now i think for the most part or atleast as much as it was before. i am having a good time here. i can't say that i have to do to to much. went back to my moms today and helped clean the garage a little and got the lawnmower all ready for the year. i redid the site here and there a little too and plan to add some more pictures over the next few days of my new setup here. what else oh yah! i think that i will do another systems section on the page like i use to have but that will take me a little till i come up with a layout for it that i like. as always the album list was updated and i cleaned up the images not that anyone would see that but it is a simpler system for me to fallow when i want to link to stuff. one last thing to note is that i added the past news archive again. well i think i will go back to chating on irc for a little.

[05.04.02] 5:11am - moving!
np: no doubt, new

tomorrow is the big moving day i will be packing up some of my crap and making the move. for those that don't know cause i don't think i really said i will be moving in with my girlfriend tragedy. i am looking forward to it but moving is a scary think and i have never lived away from home so it will be a change. all in all though i am sure it will be great. don't have to take all my stuff as we are just going to be at her place for a while then mabe look for a larger place. just going to take the needed stuff like those things you put on to go out so you don't get charged, my computers and there desk, guitar (just the one for now), my playstation, gameboy advance, a few nick nack things, music, myself, and the car. mabe seen how i will have my computers there and stuff i will be able to work on the site and stuff this weekend more. wow i will be able to see tragedy and work on the page at the sametime how cool is that.

[05.03.02] 6:00am - work complete!
np: the cardigans, my favorite game

got the new gateway and workstation built when i got home from work. check back for more info and pics to come about this and more, but right now i am going to pass out. oh yah i got my imported gba, but that will have to wait till another day.

[05.02.02] 4:22am - cases and mainboards oh my!
np: disturbed, down with the sickness

canada computer didn't have my case in today but they sold me on the new pc86 lian-li. i really like the case it is great and will go great with the pc60 lian-li. although it is black it has a nice trim plate that ties in nice. and nifty came up with the idea of swicthing the cover plates for the bays on both so that they will work together more. anyhow i have yet to get all the componets installed in the case but i will see about doing that tomorrow if i have time.
[05.01.02] 4:43am - and the workers are going home.
np: tool, disgustipated

not alot of working is getting done to the site but i have alot on my mind right now. i should be getting my new case tomorrow so then i can start work on the new workstation and fix up the gateway with some of the old workstation parts. i figure for minimal down time (not on the site i don't host that, but for my internet addiction). what else i have some really cool stuff happen this weekend with alot of mixed emotions to go with it, but it will all work out great. i think i will wait to share it though for right now. mabe if you read others peoples news posts though you might be able to figure it out. oh yah and major update to my album list.

[04.29.02] 3:06am - tow trucks and sports cars.
np: kmfdm, d.i.v..

the tow truck just came to pick up the old esscort, man how that car did us well for so long. had a really great weekend with tragedy spent along time there really from friday nite till monday afternoon. still working on the page here and there but i will just update the news for now i am working on the php stuff still. what else can i say hrm.. picked up some of the new hardware that i wanted to get. i will get some images of my full setup when i have it all but for now i will just say the start is a asus a7v333 mainboard, 1900 amd, and a 430w power supply. i am sure it will turn out pretty good. and hopefully cut down on the heat in here once i get all the systems organized.

[04.23.02] 3:06am - splits from the world and falls into nothing.
np: nirvana, sappy.

got up early today to take care of some landry that i should have done on monday but just didn't feel like doing. so while i have been waiting for that to finish i was chatting on irc, and thinking about doing a computer upgrade. i am not too sure what i would get but i think if i get something then i could get rid of the other systems and just keep the 2 cause my room get way to hot with all 3 of them going non stop. i think i will have to goto canadacomputers this weekend mabe and give some prices a look.

[04.22.02] 6:15am - chat with the world.
np: no doubt, hey baby.

major work being done to the site again after some down time and not posting news due to lack of care and server up time. but seems that everything is running all stable again. i have removed alot of the news post but i still have them and once i figure out how to do what i want to do in php i will post up the past archives again. in other news i finally got my vbox it rules i love the thing for right now and i don't even know half of what i am sure it can do. the only draw back i have found with it is the length of the emails you can send to people is very small. but i guess it is not to be used as a laptop just a quick communication device.

[04.17.02] 6:15am - a new world open in the sky.
np: lords of acid, rover take over.

started to work on a new layout when i got home today from work. it is going pretty good don't know for sure if i will use it or not but i might. seems that the dns servers for my domain are not resolving right or something cause i can't seem to load my page at all online. i have emailed my host to see what he thinks that it might be. anyway i better get sleeping if i want to get up and have anytime to chat before work.

[04.08.02] 5:03pm - getting ready for work.
np: blind melon, galaxie.

just getting all my crap ready for work and getting some lunch made to eat. all in all i had a great weekend other than one little thing that i will not go into but other than that it was a great weekend. the work i got done on the car is great you can't even tell there was a little paint chip in the bumper at all now so that makes me feel better. i will mabe see about doing something with the new floor mat's i picked up a while ago. the orig ones had holes and fit on a clip in the floor. the after market ones do not and they slid about a little so i will mabe see about getting some umm illets (can't spell worth a damn more so today than most). well i think i should get back to packing up for work and i will have to find some tunes to take to work with me tonight.

[04.07.02] 11:31am - soon all will be well with children from hell.
np: bob marley, no woman no cry

just came home from tragedy's for a little while i get the spots that where bugging me on my car all fixed up. the tragedy and my mom meeting yesterday went very well i think, so i was glad about that. what else my head kinda hurts this morning but with good reasons i guess i found that gin is very taste with sprite. still like the good old rum and coke but yet gin is so easy to drink down. what else oh and wine makes me do wierd things.

[04.05.02] 4:32am - paint flakes and depression.
np: ramstein, Feuer Frei!

home agian after work and i have a pretty big head ache but i thought i would do news post seen how i didn't do one yesterday at all. updated the album list again so that is about all that i have done with the site. i will mabe try and work on some more of the site on monday. oh and i noticed that there is a very small little paint flake on my back bumper so i think i might look in to getting that touched up before it becomes something more. a little money now rather than alot later i guess is a good thing (and if i don't it will bug me to no end). what else oh yah i exposed someone at work today to the world of kmfdm and they really liked it, so that is cool. i have exposed alot of people to alot of music like buckethead, fugazi, misfits, kmfdm, and other more well know bands too i guess. well i better get to sleep and see if i can rid myself of this head ache, a few pills should help.

[04.03.02] 5:24pm - almost 24 hours on the dot.
np: marilyn manson, the fight song (slipknot remix).

added a bunch of albums to the album list section of the page, as other than landry the only other thing i have been doing all day is burning cds. but i am off to countrystyle for a coffie soon before work.

[04.03.02] 5:11am - eat this and tell me you love me.
np: rage against the machine, revolver.

i was talking to boardkill and mootottle on irc a little ago but they they started talking about that gang wars game they play online all the time and i felt some what left out.. not enough to want to start playing it again but enough that i had nothing to say and decided to do a news post. very odd as i am typing this i am hearing it back in my head but it sounds like the narrator from kevin spencer for some reason (does this mean i write at a grade 3 level?). just updated all the systems here to be all up to date with the current testing archive for debian. icq still seems to be alright also but i did notice that i was online when i got home from work and i know i had it set away.

[04.02.02] 3:33pm - another day has come and gone.
np: marilyn manson, resident evil main title theme.

first off i guess i will let everyone know i install my icq clone again as the problems that icq was having lossing all the messages seems to be gone now. right now i am just sitting here having some tea getting up the energy to get ready for work, but i think i will just sit here and eat one of the chocolate bunnies that tragedys parents got me. it is snowing right now and i am just hoping that if it continues it does how it is doing now and does not stick to the ground. i don't want to have to deal with snow until next year. it would be so nice to be past this now but i guess we are not yet.

[04.01.02] 4:15pm - anyone seen my spork?
np: the sex pistols, seventeen.

just thought i would upload a new pic for the pages title pic. kinda been doing alot of little things here and there on the site and the layout is much nice to work with now. even though it looks the same it is completly diffrent now to work with and very nice. well i better be geting ready for work some and mabe get a coffie before i head to work for the nite.

[04.01.02] 1:52pm - updated with out a new look.
np: the strokes, someday.

started to work on the site some today after shaggy was cool enough to go through and add php to the site. so after he had that done and doing what i want it to do i decided to make the news a include also so i will have to see if this makes updating and stuff any easy to do (not that it is really hard to do). still i am hoping to get it to the point where it is just so simple i have no excuse not to update the site. other than that not a really lot going on had a great weekend took friday off and went to tragedys for the whole weekend, also went to see my pal jay and he stoped by tragedys on saturday nite also and we all had a good time just sitting around chating. what else did i do... i feel like i did a whole lot this weekend but none of it really amounted to to much just a lot of little things that i had been wanting to do for a while now. oh yah and tragedy made her evil hell cat attack me to on sunday (cause her and her evil cat are big meanies).
[03.28.02] 4:42am - repair the broken'ness with tape.
np: the strokes, barely legal.

home again, didn't put any over time in tonight like last nite. i decided i wanted to get home at a decent time and get some sleep in the system. work has been busy all week due to some problems out of our control but we are still working though it and making the best of the situation. tragedy went to the david usher concert last nite also i was going to go but i didn't find out til the last min if i could get the day off and she had already asked someone else to go with her. but she said her and one of her girl'ie friends she took had a good time so that is good. i guess that will be a leason to the furture to tell her before hand i might be able to get the day off but i didn't want to find out i could not and then have her go all alone. what else is there to say oh the car is all dirty from the crapy weather and i didn't wash it at all today cause i didn't have any change on me on my way to work and the car wash was packed. i also didn't really want to have to wash it so i just decided to leave it and wash it for the weekend as i think i might have to go for a cruise since i have not really gone driving just for the sake of driving it yet. well enough of this typing crap i think i did enough of that at work today, so i guess it is off to sleep i go for the day.

[03.27.02] 5:00pm - looking for something i use to have.
np: sex pistols, problems.

not to much going on today but yesterday was a pretty interesting drive to work. it all started when i woke up and we had snow on the ground and the roads had not been plow'ed at all really. and being that my new car is rear wheel drive and i had never driven rear wheel drive in the snow and there was no weight in the back of the car and it has performance tires on it... well needless to say i am going to have to get a sand bag or 2 to keep in the garage in case i need them and not this year cause we should not get to much more but next year look into some tires for the winter.

[03.25.02] 1:00pm - back to aveng'it.
np: sex pistols, bodies.

been even longer now than the last post, due to alot of issues. one being hosting but that seems to be all sorted out now. started working on style sheets for the page but have not completed them yet. i guess i have lots to talk about today though, like my new car. i am love'in it just hard to keep the speed down and with my insurance i better keep it down. the key party went off pretty good this weekend for tragedys bday. there was still alot of beer left the next day, but i was not in the mood for more beer after having so much the nite before. i have some pics from the keg party and i will prob post them after i pull them off the digi cam but i don't feel like doing that right now mabe next post i will. well it is about time to make something for lunch so i think i will have some soup.

[03.14.02] 5:25am - where does the time go damn'it.
np: the stokes, last nite.

been along time since i did a update to the site so i thought i would just do a quick one. there was some big probs with my isp and there still is they keep messing with the dns servers. which is dumb cause they worked fine until they decided to do what ever they decided to do. i am still on the look for a car and i have one in mind but i have to see about getting the funds for it and see if it is still there when i do get the funds for it. other than that not a hell of alot going on. shaggy said that he knows how to do that php crap that i want to do with the site so i will prob get him to help me out with that once i get the style sheets done and stuff. work is still going on the 2600 list and i got alot done on it this past weekend at tragedys while she was studing for a test. i guess i have typed enough to say i was here and did something so off to sleep i go where i can dream about stuff like... nm i will keep that to myself.

[03.07.02] 5:03am - mother can i go out and kill tonight?
np: slayer, i wanna be your dog.

just got home from work and noticed that the gateway is a little hot, so that means i might need a new fan or mabe a new case for it as the large tin beast is just not keeping the thing cool. but it is not on flames or giving any errors so it is not a huge deal just yet. in other news i have been reading up on this motorola v101. it looks pretty cool but i am not sure how well the messaging thing would work seen how you would only be able to send to the same provider. but i guess you can send icq messages too so that is kinda neat but i still don't know about it. mabe i will have to go into the store and see all that it can do as the website for it on my local provider is not all that clear. i have had enough so off to sleep i go as i want to goto the bank in the afternoon when i get up before they close.

[03.06.02] 5:32am - sleep for the over active brain.
np: buckethead, you like headcheese?.

just making a few little fixes to the page here and there. changed the title pic to have a little linux slut slogan on it, also changed my email link back to mail slave as i don't have to use yahoo anymore (the linuxslut mail was going there for a while but all is soted out again for now anyhow). don't know about the hosting thing but it seems alright right now, so i will not worry about it to much until it becomes a problem i guess. got alot more hits yesterday than any other day so far this month. last month was a really good month for hits and if things go as nice as yesterday did this month might turn out to be very good also. heh buckethead was prob not a good artist to pick before going to sleep i really should have put some more marley on or something to mellow out, but i am pretty beat so i am sure i will still be able to sleep fine. work is work still can't say i love it and i can't say i hate it.. well i am sure i could but i wont, i will leave it up to you to decided what one you think i would say. one thing it does seem to always have going for it is the fact it gives me money to do the things that i want to do. oh yah and on the same note the hunt for a car is not going very well i still have not seen anything that i really want to get, but i have also not had anytime to look really so that dosn't help with that much. i have been chating off and on with a new person i found in the land of irc named mootottle seems like a cool person so far and there location works out well cause they are getting up for the day when i am getting home from work. so i guess i will take this chance to say hey to all the people in #fuckoff and #linuxsluts. anywho i am off to sleep for the day like a good little creature of the nite.

[03.05.02] 5:22am - gorw plant grow.
np: rage against the machine, killing in the name.

my back is still sore from the weekend fall, but i think it might be getting a little better. i have impressed myself this week at how clean i have been keeping my room. usally it starts to get a little cluttered by now, but it looks like i just cleaned it all. can't really think of alot to talk about right now i guess but i am sure if i think i can think of something.... oh yah i was on blizzards web site wishing that they made a linux port of starcraft. that game kicks so much ass and yet i can not play it. i would even pay like 80$ cnd for cool linux games if they would just port crap over. it is not just blizzard though it is pretty much all game manufacturs that don't understand the marked for this. i think the only one that really does is id software. they found out about it i think when they relased the doom source code and then the next day it was ported to ever platform know to humanity. see i used the word humanity there rather than man as it is more "correct". hrm i think that i should prob stop rambling now and get some sleep as there is no one on irc to talk to right now and my back is still hurting.

[03.04.02] 5:05pm - bad trips, falls, and highs.
np: bob marley, buffalo soldier.

alright i am kinda in a rush right now still have to get ready for work, but i thought that i would do a quick little news post as it has been a while. first off my album list is all updated. second of all i have still not gotten much more done on the the site or the atari list. i need to just make myself sit down and goto it. spent most of the day yesterday cleaning and vacuming. then i went to lisas for supper and then from there i went to tragedys for the nite. we had a good time as always so this weekend was nice. i even got to see some people on sat nite that i had not seen for quite a long time. about the only bad thing this weekend was when i fell and hurt my back. anyway i really have to get getting ready for work.

[02.27.02] 4:51am - music helps.
np: incubus, pardon me.

update done to the album list, i had been meaning to do that for a while now. still working on the atari 2600 list but that has slowed down alot. i think it is because there is so much to do i need to take a little break from it and finish that off later. still have not worked on doing the page with style sheets but i did read alot about them and understand how they work. eccentric also said he would help me with using php to make the menu the same on all the pages which is cool. don't know if it would be hard to make it so the news would get split into the current and archive section all automatic would be hard but mabe i will look in to that also. well tragedy said that she might be up when i got home if she was not to sleepie but i guess she was so mabe i will just goto sleep early as i am pretty warn out form work. can't say i worked any harder than any other day though, i think it might have been left over burn out from the weekend. wow i see tragedy did get up so i will chat for a bit then.

[02.24.02] 2:58pm - everything set back up here.
np: nine inch nails, wish.

just got home from the taking everyone home after the lan pasrty and got my systems all back to normal here. i grab'ed the better images from the lan pasrty and dumped them off the cam but don't think i will post them for you to view.
[02.24.02] 3:59am - at the party.
np: [hurt]138, voices in my head.
well the lan party is winding down a good nite of fraging in ut for sure. the host has just gone off to sleep and us left are trading files and stuff. as only a die hard linux user could hope all boxes connected to each other perfect except for the windows me box. that after a re install of windows 98se it connected to us fine. the windows user though now has a copy of debian 2.2r4 so we can only hope that this is put in to good use for the next lan party. well my eyes hurt and i think i need some sleep so i will just get one last thing off of shaggy when he get the ftpd setup on his box so that i can grab if from there.
[02.23.02] 5:21am - pre party news post.
np: system of a down, deer dance.
just thought i would do a pre lan party message as tomorrow i will pack up the main workstation and be hitting the road to head to my friend jays for another lan party. we have not had one in a while so it should be good. we are planning on it being a ut only nite (which is good cause that is all i have installed at this point and time). going to be cool to for the fact this time there will prob be 3 people there running linux and "one" who will remain nameless *jay* running windows. i am not sure what i am going to do for a power bar i was going to get a ups for here and then use my ibm serg. protector for lan parties but i didn't get around to getting a ups. mabe i will see if i can find one this weekend sometime. oh yah i did get something new although i have not thrown it on the the worstation yet, its a rounded ata 100/133 ide cable. its a nice dark blue and it very damn long and all the ends are labeled which is pretty cool. any how i better be getting to sleep as i am sure i will have along nite of gamming tomorrow when i get up. so wish me luck all and prepare to be frag'ed if you are going!
[02.20.02] 5:37am - style is everything in this day and age.
np: gob, soda.
well i think i have decided what i am going to do to dress up the site. i think i will use style sheets and keep pretty much the same layout and everything but clean it up so with cascading style sheets. then mabe depending on if i can keep the site here or if where ever i move it to has php i might see about getting some php going so that the side menu can be setup to be the same on all the pages and only make me have to update one spot to update them all. what else can i say.. oh i know i don't know if i really said anything about the new burner i got a while back a lg 16x10x40 it is really nice and i am happy with the speed and buffer on it. i don;t even bother to turn rc5 off when i burn surf the web chat on irc and have licq going while i burn at 16x's and i have not made a coster yet. might have something to do that linux can manage that stuff a little better than windows but i love it and it makes the waiting time go down alot. i think that is all i can think of for now i will ramble some more when i wake up mabe. /me goes to sleep (heh on irc a little to much i think).
[02.19.02] 3:10pm - this must be it.
np: the doors, end.
well yesterday started off as a good day and this is going to seem kinda odd but i found the kinda car i would like to get (not this one because it is to far away to get but one like it). it is a 95 honda civic si. in other news kinda along the same lines yesterday nite comming back from break at work i got a speeding ticket but the cop was nice, still have to pay the ticket or go write a test and they will destroy the ticket for me. also added a few albums to the album list and am still working on the atari list.
[02.14.02] 3:40pm - she don't use jelly.
np: nine inch nails, the day the world went away.
well played some more ut this morning after i got home from work, but this time nifty joined in for a game. it was pretty damn fun but we where playing in this low gravity level which was kinda odd. i think i like gravity better than not. work is still be done on the atari 2600 list i have not done much more since the last post but some. bad news from the work front is that my teams team lead is now being moved to another team so we will mostly be with out a team lead yet again. but this comes as no shock we have been with out one for more time than the time we have had one. i don't know what it is but our team seems to go through alot of team leads. anyhow i am going to get ready for the day and hope i can have time to see my lov'ed one before work on this special day.
[02.13.02] 5:47am - head shot.
np: nothing is playing at this time.
well just got playing some ut online with some people i don;t know and man was it great. i finally got around to installing ut here and wow i must say i am impressed with the installer for linux very nice. kicked some ass online too up to about 18 frags then some new guy joined and killed everyone and took 21 frags before me or anyone else but i came in 2nd so that is cool. hrm what else is there to say... well i am thinking about messing around with some fancy coding for the page and see if i can learn to make something that will auto move the old news posts to the archive section after a certain number of posts, and then when that is full make a new one so i can have say i don't know like 10 to 15 posts per page. that and also make it so the side bar will be shown on all pages with just one file so i don't have to update them all if i added it to each page. i guess i could get really crazy and make a section that only i could get at and then have that allow me to enter a news post and update the page for me that would be pretty damn sweet. anyway this is just sleep'ie rambling so i will go and i am not even going to check spelling on this post so don't bug me about it i am sure it is bad.
[02.12.02] 2:36am - how does it feel.
np: nine inch nails, suck.
well been a few days since i have done a update to the page so i thought i would let everyone know how it is going. first off i got my new cube at work and a nice new black computer, the keyboard is very nice (would be cooler if it ran linux). i also managed to find u2 7 for some people at work so a big thanks goes to goth for finding that for me. i am also working on the atari 2600 list but i don't plan to be done for a while yet as i have typed out some where from 150 to 200 games and still have over 2000 more to type out i am guessing. in other news my isp is getting a little stick'ie with there service so the page might end up going down for a temp bit, but not to worry i will make sure to get it back up asap.
[02.07.02] 5:52am - it works again.
np: nine inch nails, starfuckers inc.
well just a little update to the album list added some doors, tool, and system of a down. still have alot more to add to it but i don't have time right now. got my burner working again don't know what was really wrong but i got it all going fine again and am loving the speed.
[02.06.02] 5:38am - when you see jon wayne you are there.
np: fat boy slim, praise you
first off i have to give a hey to mark from work for giving me a great atari 2600 haul. he managed to bring me in 42 2600 games 15 of which i didn't have at all and a bunch that either have better labels (no damage or less) or they are just diffrent label variants than the ones i have. speaking of atari i really have to update my atari list and put it back on the site. i have not been really keeping tabs on that so i prob have a few hundred games to add to it now and update it and such. what else is there to say.. oh i am still not moved into my new spot at work so still moving around for now. i have been told that it "might" be done tomorrow but it is not a for sure thing and i didn't hear it from anyone doing it. not that i don't belive the person that told me but they told me not to hold my breath and i was not planing on it.
still have to get to the gateway i know it either has to be the video card in it that is giving me segment faults or the new stick of memory that i put in it. i will try the video card first and hope it is not the memory as i have alot of old crappy isa video cards that i can use. i don't really need a agp card in it when i don't ever have a monitor on it.
thanks goes out to tragedy also for the best email in a while, not that i don't like all the ones you send but that one was for some unknown reason a really good one. mabe because i needed a chear up more tonight. anyway i am off to sleep for the day after a hard nites work.
[02.05.02] 3:18pm - yet again a new day is upon us.
np: fugazi, stacks
well changed things up a little but it still all passes w3's html 4.01 standards. took me a little while to get it all to pass but i got it. and it has gone back to a one page layout for the most part. i seem not to be able to decide what i like better but i do like the all in one as you only have to upload one thing most of the time. images as always are minimal on this site to help keep the page loading fast and not eat up usless bandwith. in other news i think i might have to do some more work on the gateway this weekend as i think the video card i have in it is causing the segment faults, so i will have to try and look into droping another card in there and seeing if that helps at all. i still have not put the systems back in the desk right they have just been stacked on the floor next to my chair in front of the desk for a while now. but that will keep it nice and easy to change that card i guess.
[02.02.02] 5:23pm - looking forward to getting out tonight.
np: tool, schism
well i have been awake for about 2 hours i guess and must have played the 21 questions game about 3 times now with my mom. i don't know what the reason for this is but it doesn't really matter i have just decided to use the answer "mabe" for all the questions. but i will be leaving to tradegy's soon as i do every weekend. the one thing i look for to every week is spending the weekend with tragedy "you and me have such wounderful times when were all by oursel'ves", hehe little play on some old greenday there. i will have to try and remeber to pick up some cdr's on the way home from tragedys in the morning as i only have 2 cdr's left in my current spindal. so tragedy if you are reading this remind me if you could and i forget. anyhow i should be getting ready to leave now.
[02.01.02] 4:53am - what a mess it has all been.
np: misfits, bullet
well it was a mess today going to work and even worse comming home. the roads where really ice'ed up and before leaving work i had to scrape off the windows for like 20min. my rc5 stats where not looking as well as i thought they should so i check all my systems to make sure it was running on them all and it was not running on the gateway (amd-k62 350Mhz) so that should pump up my stats a little more in the next day or 2. i didn't end up getting moved to the new spot at work yet although all my stuff is moved as i did that so i kinda had to move back and forth in the building today before i had all that i needed and stuff. kind of a pain but i guess that is expected for a move like this. i was told that all should be done and moved by monday so i really only have one more day of this to worry about it. got the wheel on my mouse working again also, i don't know why it was not because i was messing with it and couldn't get it and ended up putting it back the way i had it and it worked so that kinda confused me more than anything. really i don't care why it works now just as long as it works is the main thing. i am also quite impressed with mozilla and the only thing i want to see in the next version or figure out how to do if you can in the current is make all new windows open as tabs in the main navigator window, so if anyone knows how to do this let me know.
[01.31.02] 5:02am - i am still alive, don't forget about me.
np: buckethead, last train to bucketheadland
well i know i have not updated the site in a long time but that was because i was having problems with my workstation and also i was installing a new gateway and moving the old gateway to be my file server. all that is done now for the most part still some final programs to install and get working right but all seems fine right now for the most part. i will still have to work on getting the my systems section of the page done as there is alot more stuff now for sure. other than that i have been working on other peoples systems for the most part (all of them have been windows based damn'it). but i can now live in my linux only world for a little longer now since they are not here now. i have also been using the opensource mozilla browser rather than opera as it is a debian package and i could just apt-get it, i am lazy that way. wow this might turn out to be a long news post yet. oh yah and one thing that i noticed is that the mouse overs don't seem to be working in alot of other browsers so i will see about getting them to work in all them if i get a chance this weekend.
work is going alright i am moving to another cubicle tomorrow i think and hope, it looks to be a pretty good spot. there is a nice new computer in that one but i am sure they will take it and give me my old one for in there. anyway i better be getting to sleep so i can mabe wake up and see tragedy before work tomorrow. speaking of tragedy though i updated her url in the links section of the page as she has a new domain now. heh this is going to be a run on but that just reminded me of a good point i have gotten alot more hits in this past month with less updates than when i was updating almost everyday. does this mean you people want the samething everyday, you want me to make something to create a small stable part to your life?
[01.15.02] 5:13am - i need to water the plants i think.
np: buckethead, somwhere over the slaughterhouse
well a crappy nite at works with some great news at home here.. sorta... just two days after i recompile my kernel to be current a new one is released so now i have to decied if i want to do it again or just stick with what i have. mabe i will give it a little and wait i still have to recompile the new nvidia drivers. well i think i will try and sleep i don't think i will be able to right away but i will try and see if i can get up at lunch so i have some time to get stuff done before work. i might post something else here when i get up if i feel like it. i would like to also thank someone (you know who you are) for a nice email cheered me up a little and that is about all i could as for so you did good there. good nite to all the people of the free world mabe one day i will join you again.
[01.14.02] 11:35am - up by 2 and still down by 9.
np: system of a down, p.l.u.c.k.
well there seems to be a little action going on in the systems section i have added all the info about my workstation (workbitch). i still have to do the other systems but i will wait until i am done working in them as i am going to be taking my other system that is a gateway right now and replacing it with another system to be the gateway, then use the old gateway for nothing but rc5, and then add another system to the mix that will work for a backup to all my systems so i can back up data and drive images to it.
well today is going kinda slow seen i just got home from tragedy's about half an hour ago. started to do some landry and am chilling to some system of a down. i have to dig around for a network card for tragedy as her gateways second nic died on her. i am sure i have a nice old 3com card around here somewhere. i also noticed this morning that at tragedy's netscape does not do the mouse overs right at all because it does not support java. well that is to damn bad for netscape users i am sure there is a java plug in you can install to get it but it is not that big a deal, but i have made alt tags on all the images so it shouldn't matter much to them anyway.
well that was a hell of alot for what i do most the time for my news posts, but i think i am done rambling now.. mabe not but i will go do it on irc and help my top ten in #linuxsluts.
[01.13.02] 4:58pm - middle of it all.
np: bob marley, no woman no cry
alright well i had a great nite last nite, and ended up getting the light changed and fixed in the car. i also install a few desktop stat monitor for my desktop (check out the screen shot in the files section). they are from top to bottom a cpu load, memory and swap, and network monitor. i like them so far but i am sure the fun will die with them and i will just for get about them next time i restart x. the cpu load monitor is kinda handy though so i can tell that i have rc5 running or not. well other than that not alot to report for now i will mabe post something tomorrw before i goto work. my shift was changed from 10pm - 7am to 7pm - 4am. i don't really know how i feel about this yet but if i don't like it i am sure you will read my rants about that in here.
[01.12.02] 1:52pm - and the workers go home!
np: chatholic school girls, wah! my pussy hurts
well the work on the page it done as i am sure you can tell i have been working on a new layout. make sure if you care to see what i have been up to you read the past news, as i kept posting news posts on this site as i worked on the page rather than update the old one. well not alot to say that was not said below this about the page. hope that it works alright for everyone fine.
[01.10.02] 7:01pm - and work continues!
np: nirvana, in bloom
well i am still working on this so i have not been updating the old site that is online now. mabe some of you will read this when i get it up and figure out why the updates on the current site have been so far apart.
[01.09.02] 9:43am - lets start up a revolution!
np: rammstein, mutter
alright the page falls back on some simpler times right now as i start work on this new and quicker to update layout. it is still just my homepage but i want it to have alot more content so a simpler layout will make this alot easier to update and add to. which is very important seen how with work and tragedy (my gf not a life threating thing) i don't really have alot of time to mess around with a really cool layout anymore. the main thing i have done is move stuff to seperate pages. i never was a fan of this but it has to be done it was to much a pain to have to cut and paste stuff around ever time i did a update.
well i will be adding alot here and try to update as much as i was with the other site (once every day or two), so check back often if you have the time. oh and one last thing i decided not to keep the past news from the old site as it wasn't formated the same and didn't want to reformat it all again just to stick in some past news section that no one ever looks at.

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